Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing is the process of staging a hacker-style attack on your web app to detect and analyze security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. The entire web application penetration test process is focused on helping you understand your web app’s security posture – its strength and resilience against cyberattacks.

Why should we conduct a Web Application Security Testing?

Custom web applications provide access to services and information. Validating if that access is used as intended requires a very specific and specialized web application security testing methodology. Because every custom application is unique, web application pen testing is conducted to identify vulnerabilities in the underlying code. These vulnerabilities are vulnerabilities that an attacker can leverage to gain unauthorized access. Verify that your AppSec cycle addressed all risks. Most regulations governing organization security obligations specifically call out web applications as requiring this form of testing, above and beyond other internet facing assets. PCI DSS requires web application security testing for those that have not used web app firewalls. Performing web application penetration testing is a critical step in ensuring the code is secure, the organization is compliant, and customers can trust their data is protected.

What are the Risks?

External facing Web Applications used by businesses are available to all via the public Internet. Their complexity and availability make them an ideal target for attackers. There have been many publicized data breaches caused by insecure web applications. Protecting these applications from new threats is a constant challenge, especially for developers who are not aware of security and who are working towards a performance deadline.

Why You Need Third-Party Testing

While many organizations complete internal penetration testing, it is not as effective as third-party. When your own team looks at their own code and applications, it’s not a fresh set of eyes. It’s like proofreading your own article. Your developers are typically experts in their domain and application, but not cybersecurity or penetration testing experts. This is why you need specially trained professionals to perform vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing for your application.