Cloud Container Security / Kubernetes

When we discuss cloud supply chain, containerization is the thing which is been looked at for micro-services.

A containerization is a form of virtualization where all the components of the application are packed into a single container image, later which can run in the same or shared operating system as an isolated user. The isolated container image is encapsulated with all the requirements which are necessary to run an application.

Docker is an open-source suite for developing, shipping, and running applications that helps to reduce the delay between writing code and running it in a production environment. It helps to separate applications from the infrastructure to boost the software delivery process.

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration platform for managing all the automation and scaling. Kubernetes groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery.

Container security is equally important as traditional infrastructure security, A security compromise puts customer data at risk and potentially exposes a business to millions of dollars in fines, lost productivity, reduced sales, and potential dissolution.

  • Everything is stored/contained in a single package.
  • Applications are isolated on the operating systems.
  • User-friendly and runs anywhere: electronic devices, data centers, or on the cloud.
  • Uses fewer resources than a virtual machine.
  • Container image will run the same way every time, whenever it is run.

Docker & Kubernetes are open-source, and we don’t want to trust anyone with an open-source application just because it is provided by any big companies having its back or origin. Everything is shared in a single package in an image, it has its own limitation and security challenges. Traditionally, we had the firewall IDS, and IPS which are not the same for containerization security and open-source system because they are inside the system in a trusted zone itself. They are within the firewall and application perimeter so we are trusting them that is why we cannot run it over IDS/IPS like we use to do in traditional security. We need to have a different approach to container security that Accedere can provide.