Safe-to-Host Applications Audit

Safe to Host audits are conducted on applications to ensure they are free of known vulnerabilities and to verify servers and encrypted communication between the services (applications) and clients. Safe to Host certification helps build clients' trust in your company as a secure and reliable hosting firm.

As CERT-In empaneled auditors we can perform security tests and audit of your applications, information / network infrastructure to ensure that it’s safe to host. Tests may cover Network security testing, Web security testing, Mobile application security testing, Website testing etc.

Once we complete the audits for safe to host, our suggestions would incorporate remediation actions which when implemented would certify your application as safe to host. Our team has the relevant expertise to identify and recognize the vulnerabilities in your application and provide you with the right guidance to remediate those vulnerabilities, based on the best-in-class tools as well as manual tests.

Upon successful completion of the initial audit, a re-test is conducted to ensure that all the vulnerabilities identified in the initial audit have been remediated. Based on the results of re-test and remediation actions, a Safe-to-Host Certificate will be issued to your organization indicating that your application is certified and safe to host.

Safe to host certificates should be audited periodically to ensure their validity and compliance. For businesses and hosting companies alike, we provide reliable audits for safe to host certificates.