Hire Experts (Contractors) to Bring Your Cyber Security to the Next Level

Enterprises have a need for expertise to help them detect, prevent, and deal with cybersecurity threats and comply with various regulatory requirements. Hiring relevant experienced security contractor services helps firms build upon a solid defense against emerging cyber threats and evolving compliance requirements.Accedere’s contractors,partner with your people to engage and provide required cyber security technical & compliances services.Given our excellent knowledge and skills we help you mitigate the latest cyber threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.
Read on to know how cybersecurity professionals from Accedere can maximize the security quotient in an organization?

Security Assessment and Planning

The evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats requires an organization to analyze and review its risk management system constantly. Such assessments keep an organization ahead in the game by keeping it on top of the most advanced cybersecurity attacks and threats.

ISO 27000, ISO 27701, ISO 27701 Certifications

Cybersecurity contractors are able to assess the following parameters in an organization:

  • Ability to detect and respond to cyber attacks
  • Physical security infrastructure and its loopholes that attackers may penetrate
  • Current security policies and solutions
  • Compliance with Cybersecurity mandates such as Data Confidentiality and Privacy.

Our experienced cybersecurity contractors build security maps according to the company’s readiness and pair them with the organization’s strategic goals and current security environment.

Works as An Extended Security Team

A virtual cybersecurity contractor acts as an extension of your in-house security team to tackle the latest risks and threats. They offer specialized expertise in the fields of security architecture, incident response, attack detection, and remediation. Besides that, they have experience working with hundreds of clients under the latest threats and technologies. Also, hire a remote cybersecurity contractor to stay updated with the latest regulatory and compliance requirements.

Return on Investment and cost savings

Most companies are concerned about their return on investment and are least concerned about their security investments. However, when they hire cybersecurity consultant (Contractor) from Accedere, they work closely with Your team to understand its business goals, metrics, and objectives. With a mature, long-term security roadmap, the company can accelerate its security ROI and move its business forward. Accedere’s contractors are mostly based out of India and will work on US time zones as applicable. This saves your hiring costs and the visa issue that can take over a year or so to process.
Accedere validates the experience of the cybersecurity remote contractor, before you can sign up for short- and long-term durations.All contractors will have their background checks completed before they can join you.
Following are some of the samples of virtual cybersecurity professionals that you may consider sourcing from Accedere:

VAPT Auditor with skills such as OSCP, CEH etc.
Cloud Security Auditor
Cloud Administrator
Web Application Auditor
ISO 27001 Lead Auditor/Implementor (ISMS)
ISO 20000 Lead Auditor/Implementor
ISO 22301 Led Auditor/Implementor
Data Privacy Auditor/Implementor
Security Operations Center Analyst/ Sr Analyst
Red Teaming
SIEM Professionals
Threat Intelligence and SOAR professionals
Contractor for Mandates such as PCI, GDPR, CCPA etc.
SCADA/ICS/IoT Security
Any other specific requirement