FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) is a program started by the US Government. It provides a standardized framework for security assessment, authorization, and monitoring for Cloud Service Providers (CSP).

FedRAMP is for CSPs cloud-related products and services used by federal agencies for storing and transmitting federal information stored in the cloud. It helps CSPs meet their security requirements. CSPs must implement FedRAMP controls effectively and follow its guidelines if they want to work with federal agencies. After the initial audit and assessment, CSPs need to ensure continuous monitoring of FedRAMP cybersecurity guidelines.

The benefits of FedRAMP can be understood as below:

  • Helps CSPs to do business with US federal agencies
  • Helps gain confidence that you meet all federal requirements for your cloud products and services
  • Fulfills several federal requirements by our thorough FedRAMP audit

FedRAMP compliance can also be done with technical guidelines like NIST (National Institute for Standardization in Technology) and other compliances like FISMA.

Accedere has an experienced team of auditors who can prepare and guide you for FedRAMP assessments. Our audits will help you eliminate risks related to FedRAMP non-compliance.